In the period from 1 October to 30 November 2018 the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia will conduct the Farm Structure Survey 2018.
The survey is envisaged to cover all agricultural holdings of legal entities that are engaged in agricultural production.

We ask you hereby to take part in the Survey in order that we may ensure the structural statistics on the Serbian agricultural holdings.
During the period of the Survey implementation you are required to fill in the web questionnaire that is accessed by going to: link.

Methodological instructions can be downloaded here

Manual for the access and filling the questionnaire can be downloaded here.

In case you need any clarifications regarding the questionnaire, the SORS staff will be at your disposal and their contact addresses will be sent to you by mail in due course.

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia will guarantee the confidentiality of your data, which is prescribed by the Official Statistics Law (Official Gazette of RS, number 104/09). Your replies will be used for statistical purposes only, for assessing the structural indicators of agriculture in the Republic of Serbia.

We thank you for your kind cooperation!



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