FSS: One month after the Survey started

One month after the implementation of the Farm Structure Survey 2018 started, the share of interviewed holdings in the territory of the Republic of Serbia equals 58.37%.

In the municipality of Crna Trava the interviewing has been accomplished with success. The successful accomplishment is soon expected for the municipalities of   Sevojno, Svrljig and Plandište, where the percentage of visited holdings exceeds 85%.

Observed by regions, the share of interviewed holdings is the following:

  • Beogradski region – 58,31%
  • Region Vojvodine 58,44%
  • Region Šumadije i Zapadne Srbije – 58,16%
  • Region Južne i Istočne Srbije – 58,55%


The interviewing in field is envisaged to last until 30 November 2018.


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