Frequently asked questions

Importance of the Census of Agriculture

The Census of Agriculture 2012 is the only instrument that can ensure all required data in this area.

The information on size of holding, total land area and category of agricultural land use, areas of crop, areas of fruit plantations and number of fruit trees, areas of vineyards  and number of vines, irrigation, use of mineral fertilizers and pesticides, number of livestock by species and category, beehives, agricultural machinery, equipment and buildings, labour force, sales of agricultural products, organic farming, agricultural and supplementary activities of holdings, as well as the data on fishponds and wooded areas, are all of vital importance for socioeconomic analyses and planning.

The issues such as food safety, socioeconomic differentiation, exposure to production risk factors, rural development policy, can be understood only if the agricultural component of the Serbian economy is considered.

Am I obliged to take part in the Census?

Yes, since the Census shall be implemented pursuant to the Law on the Census of Agriculture 2011 (Official gazette RS, number 104/2009). The cases of refusing to provide data or providing false data are subject to misdemeanour liability and fines.

My personal benefits from the Census

The true and correct replies obtained by the Census are expected to upgrade the knowledge about the actual status of agriculture in the Republic of Serbia, i.e. what are our assets and demands. All this is necessary in order that you also may better anticipate your agricultural production, apply with the national and EU funds for agricultural grants and support, and gain knowledge on the agricultural branches where investments are required and welcome.

How to take part?

In the period from 1 – 15 December 2012, your authorized and trained enumerator will visit you.

According to you replies to the questions, the enumerator will fill in the form with the data on your holding. In case some question is not clear enough, feel free to ask for more explanations from the enumerator.

You are invited to provide as precise replies as possible, since it is of utmost importance for the successful Census implementation. The data you provide shall be protected and used only aggregated with the data on other holdings, and any misuse entails penalties.

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